CrowdFunding: Short Story Collection: Pubslush: I Need Your Help.


You are reading this thinking to yourself, “This bloke writes interesting stories. I get a lot of fun out of reading them. I wish he had a wider audience.”

I know how you feel.

I’m patient. I can wait as people discover this website, but I’m not going to live forever so I need to get on with it.

To that end, I published my first novella THE LONG WEEKEND and it caused a major sensation in the publishing world [not really, I made that bit up…….. I do write fiction after all].

I would like to keep the ball rolling so I have put together a collection of short stories [you know how I love to write short stories]. This collection majors on those stories that demanded a ‘part two’ and occasionally a ‘part three’.

Self publishing is expensive; especially if you do it right.

It doesn’t cost a fortune but it does cost.

I design my own covers but the stories need to be proofread and the manuscript needs to be formatted for eBook distribution. Then there is the cost of producing paperback copies. I never feel like it is a book until I can hold it in my hand and smell the print. I don’t order very many paper copies but the few that I do order cost a lot.

I have two more novels and another collection of short stories in the works and I would like to release them into the world but the out-of-pocket expenses is a killer, so it will have to be one project at a time.

Which brings me to “Passerby and other stories”, which I hope to release by the end of the month.

I have signed up to a crowd funding site which specialises in promoting authors.

I have set my goal at the minimum they will allow [$501] and if I achieve this it will pay the up front expenses. This needs to happen because the chances of selling enough copies to cover expenses is slim. Apart from you guys, no one knows that I can write, so it will take time to build a following, the same as it has here on WP.

The campaign will accept as little as a dollar [ but the price of a cup of coffee seems better]. There are the usual ‘rewards’ built in depending on the amount you pledge, from a simple thank you note through to a signed paper back delivered anywhere in the world.

If you enjoy what I do, please consider following the link and jumping on my bandwagon. If you are ‘doing it hard’ then don’t dare put in any money. Only those who can afford to give up a few dollars are allowed to contribute.

Whether you contribute to my campaign or not please know that I appreciate that you take the time to read my stories………… it means a great deal to me. Thank you.