Fly Away Home

It isn’t every day that you get to come home.

I didn’t expect to find her. I wasn’t looking, but isn’t that always the way?

She can run fast and I can fly, which makes for an interesting combination.

There will be a surprise wedding (not mine) and some time on a train. A visit to the house I grew up in and a quandary about sleeping arrangements. A ride in a horse and cart, and tea in a coffee shop.

And of course, there will be dancing.

Drinking after hours and a mad, barefoot dash for freedom.

All these things and a full heart, then I have to go, but she will wait for me. Wait patiently for me to fly away home.

FLY AWAY HOME a novella, coming in 2019

New Book: BORIS and the Rising Sun Hotel

So BORIS has an official launch date, December 22nd 2018. This will be the cover for the audiobook and the middle bit is the book cover. It is available now for pre-order.

IMG_7275 (1)

Boris lives in the KEEPER OF SECRETS universe.
Susan encounters him in the first book of the series and in SECRETS KEPT we get to know a bit more about him.
He is always there when Susan meets with ‘Backdoor Barry’, silently doing his job. Sometimes lipreading the mute old TV set, sometimes tending to his bartender duties. A quiet observer of everything that goes on at the Rising Sun Hotel.
When I finished the second book in this series, I couldn’t help wondering what was happening in Boris’ life when we were not around. Has he been a part of Barry’s adventures? Was he around when that chair acquired its famous bullet hole? Does he have a romantic interest?
As you can see, these questions needed to be answered.
Boris is more than just a bit part player in Susan Smith’s adventurous life — Boris has a life of his own.

DECEMBER 22nd 2018

DOT, DOT, DOT … 4 days to release

January 31st, 2018 marks the release date for my latest book (number eleven). More than a year in the making (I know you are happy to wait as long as the end product is as good as it can be). Good erotic prose is difficult to achieve, so a lot of work went into making the stories about real people having meaningful encounters. This book includes two novellas (actually one novella and a novelette). Read all about it sees a newspaper columnist fall in love with a mysterious widow. His life will never be the same after he meets her at a glitzy reception — not his normal habitat. Will he make it out with his sanity intact? Unexpected sees a mature woman reaching for her chance at happiness. Her life had been comfortable and devoid of passion. Now, she must choose — a life of privilege or an adventure. Her lover shows her attention and reintroduces her to passion. Her lover has also to choose — will they end up together?

A string of short stories trace the awakening of a love affair between a newly married couple. Sam and Scarlett (the characters from my first novel The Long Weekend) are confronted with the difficulties of Sam’s recovery from a suspicious car accident. Sam’s head injury requires a long convalescence. His memories are returning slowly, but the most important memory is but a fog. Sam does not remember meeting and marrying Scarlett. Over a series of stories, they rediscover their intimate relationship.

In other stories, an old woman remembers an encounter with her lover and a particular piece of furniture — an adventurous modern woman uses her body to obtain secrets — a woman writes a letter to her lover — a gambler reflects on his lucky escape and his possibility of carnal delights.

The paperback version of DOT, DOT, DOT … and the eBook, and the AUDIOBOOK are all released on the same day. It took a bit of organising, but they all lined up nicely.

The paperback (Amazon and Blurb) the ebook (iTunes, Amazon and Smashwords) and the audiobook (Amazon, iTunes, and a bunch of others) are all available for preorder. Please take the time to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads — it really helps.

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Didn’t Make It Home

Untitled 11 (6)


Untitled (2)

The audiobook is free if you preorder a print copy before the publication date.

Okay, so it took a little longer than I thought, but it is worth the wait. The book now includes two novellas — UNEXPECTED and READ ALL ABOUT IT was well as a bunch of stories written specifically for this anthology. As a special treat, there are a series of Sam and Scarlett stories that follow Sam’s journey as he rediscovers his love for Scarlett after his near-fatal car accident. These stories are lifted from the ill-fated and as yet unpublished novel, YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS. These are adult stories and not for anyone who is upset by depictions of lovers doing what comes naturally. The book, DOT, DOT, DOT … will be available in late December or early January, and if you preorder a print copy, you will receive the audiobook for free. So don’t just sit there, order your advance copy now. This is a limited print run so don’t miss out.

And So It Begins………..

If you haven’t purchased and read your copy of THE LONG WEEKEND yet, then here is a taste of what you are missing out on…………..

The Long Weekendd

Pellegrinis Cafe

The body lay quietly in the street just down from Pellegrini’s and if it was not for the gradually increasing pool of blood surrounding it you might have thought that the deceased had fallen asleep or fallen over drunk or just fallen over.

The bloody great knife protruding from its chest, on the other hand, was a pretty clear indicator that someone wanted to do this person harm; the kind of harm that you woke up dead from..

The Detective Inspector had seen more than his fair share of dead bodies but not many of them ended up in plain view in a busy part of Melbourne. Vacant lots, dense bush, but not usually at the trendy end of Bourke Street.

“Bennett is staying at the Windsor, just around the corner. Do you reckon he had anything to do with this?” Sergeant Wilson’s question was directed at his DI. Detective…

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Book Review: The Long Weekend: Creative Frontiers.

The following is a book review from the kind souls at Creative Frontiers……. thanks folks.

Buy ‘The Long Weekend’. Soon. OK?

The Long WeekendTerry Barca’s introductory novella about Sam and Scarlett Bennet wafts us around the bars and restaurants of Melbourne very much in the old Hammett style.

We’ve got plenty here: a dead body (mysterious circumstances, of course); a flat-footed dick; a glamorous, wise-cracking couple in direct descent from Nick and Nora Charles in The Thin Man; doses of single malt and lots more.

And all crammed into a novella.


Just as the Pelecanos books have you reaching for a map of DC to follow the action, and the Crais books do the same for LA, Barca’s trawl around Melbourne has you itching for Google Maps so you can join in the action.

Sam’s the star, because he’s cool, solves the murder and already has the beautiful girl, but Melbourne puts in a competent challenge. Here also, The Long Weekend, plugs into crime-thriller literary tradition as illustrated, for example, by McBain’s star billing for New York.

The dialogue crackles on the page like bacon in the pan. The descriptives illustrate that unique Barca style as found in other posts on Creative Frontiers. Read’em and weep .. with envy.

But for all this talk of tradition, The Long Weekend’s architecture corresponds to the modern style of crime work, text or movie. We have a beginning and an end, but the middle bathes us in the kaleidoscopic light formed by different aspects of Sam’s life, Scarlett’s and their relationship. In the end, although we get satisfaction by knowing the murderer’s identity, it’s almost the mint at the end of a thoroughly indulgent dinner.

C’mon, Terry. Send this dynamic duo away for another weekend break soon, please.


You can find The Long Weekend for sale on Smashwords and Amazon.

See also here and here.

Terry relaxing with friends