DOT, DOT, DOT … published


The big day has arrived and the word PUBLISHED appears next to the name of this book on all of the sales outlets. A lot of work went into making the stories about real people having meaningful encounters. DOT, DOT, DOT … includes two novellas (actually one novella and a novelette).

Read all about ita newspaper columnist falls in love with a mysterious widow. His life will never be the same after he meets her at a glitzy reception — not his normal habitat. Will he make it out with his sanity intact?

Unexpected: a mature woman reaching for her chance at happiness. Her life had been comfortable and devoid of passion. Now, she must choose — a life of privilege or an adventure. Her lover shows her attention and reintroduces her to passion. Her lover has also to choose — will they end up together?

A string of short stories trace the awakening of a love affair between a newly married couple. Sam and Scarlett (the characters from my first novel The Long Weekend) are confronted with the difficulties of Sam’s recovery from a suspicious car accident. Sam’s head injury requires a long convalescence. His memories are returning slowly, but the most important memory is but a fog. Sam does not remember meeting and marrying Scarlett.

Over a series of stories, they rediscover their intimate relationship.

In other stories, an old woman remembers an encounter with her lover and a particular piece of furniture — an adventurous modern woman uses her body to obtain secrets — a woman writes a letter to her lover — a gambler reflects on his lucky escape and his possibility of carnal delights.

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The paperback version of DOT, DOT, DOT … and the eBook, and the AUDIOBOOK are all released on the same day — today. It took a bit of organising, but they all lined up nicely.

The paperback (Amazon and Blurb) the ebook (iTunes, Amazon and Smashwords) and the audiobook (Amazon, iTunes, and a bunch of others) are all available now. Please take the time to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads — it really helps.

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Number Nine

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KEEPER OF SECRETS is now published and live and out in the world fending for itself. It’s been a long road to independence (it always is) and now she needs to find her own way in the world — find an audience. She is ‘child’ number nine and she is different from her siblings. She is born fully formed and quite ‘adult’. She uses stronger language and she knows about intimate relationships. She understands passion and mystery and she knows how to spy — not on you of course unless you are occupying France during World War Two or you have a secret worth stealing in the modern era. In fact, there are two spies, closely related, both in search of freedom — freedom for themselves and those that they love. Daisy and Susan will show you a world you had previously thought impossible — enjoy the ride, but don’t leave the book lying around in case the young ones might read it.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Paperback and Hardback