Red Wheelbarrow is a paperback!

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The third book in my anthology short story series is now on paper!

This is always a special moment because it is the last stage in a long process. The books arrived at my door a couple of days ago, but I have been busy pasting up RUFUS so that this book can also become a paperback. Now that I have a few moments I can share with you how excited I am that RED WHEELBARROW is finally on paper. This is book 3 in the series (if you add in Slightly Spooky Stories there are four short story anthologies) and book 4 is already under way.

This book is available from me (if you live in Australia) or from Blurb if you live anywhere in the world.

The eBook can be purchased from SMASHWORDS (all formats) or from APPLE iBooks, or from Amazon for Kindle.

Thank you to those loyal souls who ordered a paper copy in advance and thank you to all the people who have supported me along the way.

You keep reading them and I will keep writing them.

Books in my anthology series…….

Loyal and True


Red Wheelbarrow

Slightly Spooky Stories


5 thoughts on “Red Wheelbarrow is a paperback!

    • Thank you Peter. Got to sign a couple of copies yesterday…. it is the coolest feeling in the world, as you would know. Do you have a favourite dedication when you sign a book? I never get tired of people’s reaction to having a book signed. My next book has been a long time coming and it required a collaboration with an illustrator. I was speaking to her co-worker the other day and she was saying how excited she was because she can get the author and the illustrator to sign her copy, because she knows us both. She was genuinely excited…. I loved it. What is it about a signed copy of a book? I would love to hear your thoughts. Terry


    • Thank you Vicki. Sold a couple so far need to sell a couple more to cover costs. It helps with the anxiety when a couple of people ask for a copy in advance. Stephen King said that you gain long term readers ‘one at a time’. I’ve gained a couple this year….. now, if I live to be 104 things could get interesting!


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