And So It Begins………..

If you haven’t purchased and read your copy of THE LONG WEEKEND yet, then here is a taste of what you are missing out on…………..

The Long Weekendd

Pellegrinis Cafe

The body lay quietly in the street just down from Pellegrini’s and if it was not for the gradually increasing pool of blood surrounding it you might have thought that the deceased had fallen asleep or fallen over drunk or just fallen over.

The bloody great knife protruding from its chest, on the other hand, was a pretty clear indicator that someone wanted to do this person harm; the kind of harm that you woke up dead from..

The Detective Inspector had seen more than his fair share of dead bodies but not many of them ended up in plain view in a busy part of Melbourne. Vacant lots, dense bush, but not usually at the trendy end of Bourke Street.

“Bennett is staying at the Windsor, just around the corner. Do you reckon he had anything to do with this?” Sergeant Wilson’s question was directed at his DI. Detective…

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