It is with considerable pleasure, I announce the publication on SMASHWORDS of my first Novella [baby novel].

It is titled ‘The Long Weekend’, and in answer to your next question it is a crime, detective, love story and not necessarily in that order.

It is the first in a series of ‘Sam and Scarlett Mysteries’.

It will be available on Amazon [Kindle] and iBooks and Google in the next couple of days, but I will annoy you about those as they happen.

But for now, if you have a glass of something nearby, please raise it and ‘wet the babies head’. She has been waiting patiently to be born and now, here she is…………… to ‘THE LONG WEEKEND’.

17 thoughts on “THE LONG WEEKEND.

  1. Wow!! Huge congratulations Terry – that is absolutely awesome and richly deserved! No more blue flags for YOU – you are on your way! Every good wish with sales. I have been off the blogosphere lately due to family and work commitments, combined with living in a house renovation that has ended up a lot larger than anticipated! Looking forward to wading back in and catching up with your colourful array of characters when the dust settles at this end (and when I hope to have a reliable internet connection again!).

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  2. Congratulations my friend! Well done!
    I might just go and open a wee sachet of red wine to toast you. One glassful is enough to ‘sink’ me these days, so I buy these little sachets for cooking – half in the pot and half in my glass.

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    • Thank you my friend…….. I’m not being modest when I say that I am not expecting too much. I have to start somewhere and I have been sitting on this for a little while. I like it and I hope that enough people also like it so that I can justify the cost of publishing more…. short stories next. Loved your pun….. I’m sending good vibes in your direction. Be well my friend.


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  6. Wonderful backstory–I lol’d a whole bunch! Now where do we get this story? Amazon? The link didn’t work that was embedded in the interview. Nevermind, I’ll browse around and see if I can find an online store. Congratulations again!!!

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