Chadwick and Veronica: remembering

I’m in the midst of the Melbourne International Film Festival at the moment. It’s an event that lasts for two weeks and I look forward to it every year. It’s a kind of ‘busman’s holiday’ for me. I get to enjoy other people’s stories for a change. But, it does make it hard to find time to write new stories so I’m sure you wont mind if I post one of my favourite’s from last year. Some of you wonderful people will have read it then and my ‘new people’ can hopefully, enjoy it for the first time. I’ll post a new story on Friday [Australian time], but in the meantime I trust you will enjoy this……………..



As it turned out, it was all about memory.
Chadwick Kirchmeier had spent a large portion of his long life fiddling about with stuff.
At least that’s how his wife Veronica described it.
They were both a bit forgetful but not so much that it caused problems.
They were not what other people would consider old but they knew that life does not go on forever, at least not in these corporeal bodies, and Chadwick wondered what might happen if one or both of them began to drift off into that unkind darkness.
He was determined to gather all their memories together so that those who came after them would know who they had been, who they loved and who loved them.
Neither of them could write well let alone type, and the idea of talking into one of those damn machines had little appeal, so Chadwick did what he…

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