Do Good Things Come In Threes?


Do Good Things Come In Threes?

After an impressively long list of rejections in the later part of 2013 I got a YES.

I had become so used to ‘unfortunately it’s not right for us, good luck placing it elsewhere’ …… yeah, ‘good luck’ is right!

In a sea of blue flags [yes, in lieu of printing them out and impaling them on a spike a la Stephen King, I mark them with a blue flag in my mailbox] I nearly missed a yes from ‘The Paperbook Collective’. An added pleasure is that it is an international magazine which originates from my own country, Western Australia ………. which is a VERY long way from where I live, but it is in my country.


Interestingly, the story is not one of a group of stories that I have been trying to sell but a story which I also have great affection for. I had submitted a shortened version of it to a competition that required a ‘weather’ theme. I changed the name of the story so that it reflected the theme, and I guess it was on my mind when the opportunity to submit to The Paperbook Collective came along.


It was included in the January edition and it arrived in my letterbox [my actual mailbox] and I have spent a bit of time just staring at it.

I know this must sound crazy to those of you who have been published many times but to me this is special.

I have been published a few times over the past few years but always for non-fiction essays.

This is my first piece of published fiction.

My muse was a bit annoyed with me for not making more of a fuss, but truthfully, I was just enjoying that lovely warm feeling that comes when things start to come together.

Fast forward to the start of this month and I am entering a short, short, short story competition and I get an acknowledgement from the editor. Not an automated letter but a personal note wishing me luck with my entry in the competition. Then the good bit……….. would I like to submit a longer piece “on a subject of my choosing” for consideration.


MAR1st 108

I sent in ‘Rosie’s Diner’ and they loved it………. no more blue flags for Rosie!

The story went live yesterday and Rosie looks very comfortable in print [electronic print this time].

Now, all I need is a green flag to put along side of my novella and the ‘good things come in threes’ will be complete…… hint, hint, hint.

39 thoughts on “Do Good Things Come In Threes?

  1. Well done! Congrats! My good things come in noughts! I only ever submitted one thing: a novel to a New York publisher. He phoned me three times about it. He said he left it on his desk looking at it for 6 weeks. He called it “utterly remarkable” and in the end said he wasn’t really sure how to market it. It was the most exciting (and only) rejection I’ve ever had! I am delighted your writing seems to be going places!


    • You are very kind and I will not forget all the ‘little people who got me there’ ……… just kidding but thank you for the comments. I think it is important to celebrate our victories, no matter how small.


  2. This is exciting news! Congratulations, and well done!

    I think good things come in good time and not necessarily in numbers. Right now, it’s simply your turn to shine, and so be it!


    • You are right. Stuff just comes in it’s own time, and when it is good and ready.
      Sadly, some very good friends of ours are giving up on their relationship after having fought through some very tough times. We cannot help feeling that they are inches from breaking through to a fulfilling life, but they cannot –or will not — see it. So much of life is just not giving up. The universe just seems to want to know how much we can take.
      I hope you are right about the ‘time to shine’. I certainly would enjoy that —- been in the shadows for way too long.
      Thank you for all your encouragement.


    • Thanks DMG.
      Maybe success is contagious?
      I’m glad you like ‘Rosie’s’. That one did come out well.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I appreciate the encouragement.


    • Thank you Vicki. Haven’t you been busy lately.
      We had an Echidna in our back yard a couple of nights ago and I thought of you crawling through those fern gullies at the RBG. He was a big bloke and my dogs had never seen one up close. No dogs or Echidnas were harmed during the making of this story, but he did wander around most of the night trying to find a way down to the creek!
      Haven’t had a rejection letter for a few days so there is still a chance for a ‘third’ yes. Mind you, Saturday is a favourite day for sending rejection letters [for some strange reason].
      Thank for the encouragement.


  3. Well done, Terry. There’s nothing like receiving validation of your writing, that quiet warmth that smiles from the inside out. Acceptance generates acceptance so I’m sure the third is just around the corner.


    • Thanks Becca.
      Initially I hesitated before making this post because I didn’t want to appear to be boasting…….. which is funny because I never hesitate to moan, so I thought ‘What Would Becca Do?”……. and the answer came back……. SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!
      Seriously though, it is important to celebrate any victories, no matter how small. Success follows success, and I could certainly use some. You are an inspiration Becca, thank you for taking the time to encourage me.


    • Thank you.
      When I write I get so focused sometimes I forget to notice stuff. Like people around me who enjoy my journey as well. I get a buzz out of hearing how you folks are dealing with your dreams and it’s fun to know that you notice mine.


      • That`s the big surprise about blogging-at least it is to me. I`m happy enough to write for my own sake. Just find it a bit of a shock that other people are noticing too!

        Anyway, keep plugging away at it. Must be a bit like mining-a lot of hard graft before one hits a rich seam! Well done on striking gold!


  4. Woohoo!!!! Go Terry!!!! When you’re famous, I’ll be able to bore people with stories of how I recognised your literary genius long before you were published! So thrilled for you!! Having spent 25 years writing tomes of non-fiction (insert major yawn), business and legal articles, books etc, all of which were published and sold in spades, I can so relate! Only after a year of hiding behind my dog have I plucked up the courage to send a few poems out to publishers. With two rejections under my belt, I am much encouraged by your tale of success. Awesome Terry and so utterly well-deserved. : )))))))))))


    • Thanks Anne.
      I’ll race you. Let’s see who can rack up the highest number of rejection letters for the coming year. There are HEAPS of Lit Mags that solicit poetry, much more than fiction, so there is no excuse for not beating me. I’ve got a head start on you because I have a couple but they were from submissions from last year.
      Most blue flags wins. The loser has to buy the winner a beer [or a whisky, in my case]. Most acceptances [green flags] wins two beers!
      Ready, set, go!


  5. YAY!!!!! Sorry I missed this post yesterday but we’re still in the middle of Snowmageddon so you will forgive my tardiness? YAY!!!! Also, it *always* feels good to see your stuff in actual print–maybe it’s when someone else takes your words & lays them out differently & packages it–makes it somehow more *real*, I think It’s wonderful to be acknowledged & encouraged–always. And I think even Stephen King would agree with me on that one. 🙂 PS, keep going. 😉


    • Thank you Lori. How is Snowmageddon going?
      A friend of mine recently achieved her writing ambition and got a book deal. She is pumped, as you would expect. I asked her why she didn’t self publish [she is really good. This is the one who won the Scarlet Stiletto award] and she said that being published was always her goal. Now, I get it because I’m ancient and that was always how it was done. People ask you, ‘have you been published?’ and if you say ‘yes, I self published’ they look at you like you have rocks in your head or you are kidding yourself that you can write. But……… it seems that self publishing might be the way to go. The reported stats seem to suggest that eBooks account for 25% of the market but when you break the numbers down, mystery/suspense fiction is actually between 80 and 90%………. holy shit! Also, established publishers [the big 5] charge twice as much for books, sell half as many and take TWICE as much of the profits…. again, holy shit!
      My ego would like to be able to say that I have been picked up by a publisher but my pocket would like to be able to pay some bills …………….. so what is to be done?
      Having said all that, no one is knocking down my door trying to sign me up, so maybe the problem has been solved for me?
      Thank you for your encouragement, as always.


      • Ya know, I’m kinda old school on this myself so I get your conflict. Not at all an expert on the self-publish route so cannot really advise you here. My experience in the arts in general, however, reminds me that a big part of the battle is marketing…getting your work out there so that people who might enjoy it can even know it exists. Whatever you decide, I wish you continued good luck!!!


    • Thank you Beth, you are very kind.
      As ‘luck would have it’, the third one turned up in my inbox just the other day …….. along with three rejections! How about that?
      I’m pleased that you enjoy my stories and I will do my best to keep them coming.


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