Know One Is Happy With Everyone.






At my local railway station.

Despite the spelling, this makes a pleasant change from the mindless tags.

Must have taken a bit of time to complete, and there is attention to detail with quite nice spacing.

Probably done with ‘White Out’ if that product still exists.

Interesting sentiment.

21 thoughts on “Know One Is Happy With Everyone.

    • Thank you. I was thinking something similar. I’m pleased that they put their thoughts into words. I wonder if he or she [probably a he] realised that their words would travel around the world.


  1. At first I thought the spelling was deliberate and I think I like that challenge. It seems some kind of cryptic, zen-like message. If you know, truly know, one, does that give you the wisdom/compassion to be happy with everyone? (I’ve just read some sloppy Buddhist posts, so this is my mind set at the moment) Here’s a graffito in return, written appropriately in an in-turning spiral: “Trace your sources to their roots, and they will find you laughing.” Grammatically I can’t be sure about the noun-reference for that final ‘they’ — roots? sources? But anyway, I am somehow comforted by the message. Wish I’d photographed it, it was before I started all this walking and picture taking.


    • Thank you for those excellent comments!
      I must say that I was pleasantly reminded that there are some talented young people out there. [I’m assuming this was written by a young person…. a reasonable bet]. The area I live in is infested with talented people and the young ones get a bit overlooked. I fall into the habit of seeing them as taggers, but little spots like Tiffany Bishop Collective in Belgrave have reminded me that young people are passionate about their art……. in this case words, and I agree that the spelling is deliberate and probably ‘Zen’. I was walking past the station yesterday and there was a Graffiti squad in action so it is probably gone by now. I’m glad I had the time to stop and get a few pics.
      Keep up those walks they are good for both of us.


  2. I see above where you note that it’s probably gone by now, so I’m glad that you saw & photographed it. Your photos really add to the odd message – the different angles – they’re perfect. (I got here via Paul at rpdpod).


    • Thank you for your comments.
      So often I’m too busy, too lazy, or just not awake enough to capture the unusual things I see, but on this occasion [waiting for a train] I had the time. Camera phones make it a lot easier to capture these moments.
      rpdpod’s stuff is amazing, and I’m glad you found your way here.
      My stuff is a bit all over the place……….. it just depends on how I feel. Welcome.


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