A Different View.



When you are close to the ground the world looks quite different.

Whenever we walk past this cafe which has excellent grounds and an even more excellent interior, my dogs want to enter through this gateway which is closed off if the cafe is closed. I’m sure that they remember going there as we have done so many times but I was reminded that their field of view is quite different from mine. It’s not a huge deal for them as they have that amazing hearing and stunning sense of smell. But me, I’m visual and being nearly six foot taller than them gives me a different view.

This photo is what they can see when they are trying to convince me to go in there…………. cooffeeeee thinks I. Treeeeeeaaaats thinks them.

9 thoughts on “A Different View.

  1. That cafe could be photographed in so many different ways, with completely different vibes & styles from each season.
    Add in the dog perspective & there’s even more possibilities!
    Too bad they’re so infrequently open. At least it was the last time I was paying attention.
    Perfect spot for post-movie drinks after watching something at The Cameo across the road.


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