What Are You Lookin’ At??


I know what I like but finding out what you like has been interesting.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’m amazed that you folks take the time to stop and read the stories, memoirs and essays that I write. I know how hard it can be to find time but a heap of you regularly do just that.
The stories etc., that I think are my best are not always the ones that attract the most interest; and that’s OK.
WP suggests that I write more of what you show interest in but you wouldn’t want me to do that, would you?
Maybe you would?


As I would expect, photos get a lot of likes [I do the same thing, it’s easy to decide if you enjoy it at a glance and you don’t feel guilty about not visiting the page if you are busy].
Stories get slightly less views than likes [some people are just being kind and that’s ok, and some people may not know that there is a story to go with that photo; no worries.]
I thought it might be fun to pick out some of my favourites from my first six months on WP and also to point out some that you read/liked more than others. Stuff that appears on both lists will be coloured green……… because I like green! [OK, so I didn’t do this but I left the sentence in anyway].



The Day I Met Chester.


I wrote this several years ago as a script for a YouTube video. It came out of nowhere and I love it. I guess it reminds me of the first feelings of being able to make something out of nothing, just the stuff floating around in my head. You liked it as well, it ranks as my 5th most viewed.
The Spotted Librarian: Some Things Don’t Change.


I have been telling this story, on and off, for forty years and eventually I got it down on paper [so to speak]. It got a good reaction when I first published it and it got quite a few comments. It seemed to touch people in different ways. Some people are, or were teachers and recognised some of the situations. Others have children and are seeing some of these things happening in the present day.
Then it became just another story that I had written but it stayed in my ‘Top Posts and Pages by Likes’ section on the side of my blog. Then, a few weeks ago it started to get several views each day until it has risen to be my second most read post. This might be because it is showing up when I ‘like’ other people’s stuff and they look at my avatar on their email feed and WP list my top three post.
Incidentally, this is how You Cannot Please Everyone became my most read post by a factor of 2 and half! I wrote it as one of my very early posts and it took on a life of it’s own because it would show up on my avatar when I ‘liked’ something [which I do a lot of…. there’s so much to like].
When a Seagull Needs Coffee


I like this one because I wrote it for my granddaughter and it came to life very easily [some stories do that].
You read it as well…. it comes in at number 9
And ‘liked’ it… at number 6
Out There Waiting For You


This is the story that started an interesting adventure. It was meant to stand alone but eventually became part of a trilogy [the only one I have written so far]. It’s very short and I love it [you did too and insisted on more].
You made it my 7th most read post, 6th in comments but 12th in ‘likes’
He Who Loves an Old House


Obviously, this was a very personal post. It is about my house and you reacted to it right from the start. Lot’s of lovely comments. This is the post that has the most integration of my words and my photographs and I think that is why it is one of my favourites.
You made it my 4th most read post, 3rd in comments and 4th in ‘likes’
Not Alone.


I’m very proud of this. It is the third part of a trilogy and a lot of people REALLY wanted me to write it. I put a lot of thought and effort into it. I experimented with the idea of having three points of view and I think it worked very well. I posted it and waited for a response. It got a few likes and a few reads but not the reaction I had been hoping for. This taught me a very good lesson and SIGNIFICANTLY increased my confusion!
Mostly I write stuff and post it and then move on to the next idea. I don’t generally sit around and wonder what people are going to say or if they will like/view it. But, on this occasion I did and it was not pleasant. I got a taste of what writers go through every day….. waiting to hear if that half wit publisher wants to publish their work.
It ranked in 40th in reads, 60th in comments, and probably just a low in likes!



I like To Watch


I wrote this post in response to someone else’s post about the disparity between ‘likes’ and ‘reads’.
I enjoyed writing it and even though I wrote it when I had not been here for very long, my opinions have not changed.
You love it. LOTS of likes and heaps of views. It is my 3rd most viewed post!
I guess it is topical. At some stage we all ask ourselves the question, but I must say that I’m a little surprised that it ranks so highly.
You Cannot Please Everyone


I think I understand why this post took off, but I’m still a little surprised that it got so many reads. It was early days and WP had to list something with my avatar and this was the post that got a bit of attention.
I wrote it out of frustration and disappointment. I had just gotten a piece published [which was and is still a big deal for me] and my friend gets all upset because she recognises herself in the story! Why not be happy for me? She knew that there had not been a lot of successes in my life at that time. So why not enjoy it with me? I guess my emotion comes through in the piece and I guess you guys have experienced similar disappointments.
Shagpile Carpet


Those of you who subject yourself to my stuff regularly will know that I write these types of ‘unusual’ stories from time to time.
A lot of them are inspired by a fellow WP person who likes to post macro shots and ask people to guess what they think the photo is about.
Sometimes I look at them and these crazy ideas start to form. I write them down and sometimes they come out as a bizarre story which appeals to me so I post it in her comments section. I keep a copy and when I come across it again I’ll work on it some more and post it with an appropriate photo.
You have liked and read quite a few of these but for some reason, this is the one that you have read the most.
I’m not sure if I think that it is my best but I do like it, so fair enough.
You have made it my 6th most read post! Impressive.
Not Alone.


See above.
One of my favourites and it ranks as my 45th most read post!
It ranks below several of my photos which don’t have any words and they still got more reads!!!!!!



The Spotted Librarian: Some Things Don’t Change.
By a long way.
You Cannot Please Everyone
He Who Loves an Old House
I like To Watch
Not a lot of surprises here I guess. If you liked to read it there was a chance you had something to add.



You Cannot Please Everyone
The Spotted Librarian: Some Things Don’t Change.
I like To Watch



These are stories that you might like to read when you have nothing else to do [I’m smiling at the thought that you wouldn’t have anything else to do]
The Mouse Who Liked Cheezels.


Ophelia Drinkwater Has Lots of Cool Stuff.

John William Waterhouse - Lamia

Let’s Eat Grandad



That’s it for now but I will write write a post about my more recent stuff at some later date.
If you were bored shitless then blame WP, it was one of their ideas.
I must admit that I had fun doing the research and I was surprised that your reactions to my stuff matched my own with only a few exceptions.
I was all ready to give you guys a serve and then I had to pull my head in.
Some would say that I should do this more often.

32 thoughts on “What Are You Lookin’ At??

  1. My eyes glazed over half way through this post, Terry – lol.
    Sorry……… my brain loses track of long posts. It’s something to do with my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue condition. Funnily enough I can WRITE a long post myself and waffle on & on sometimes.

    As to the content and statistics, well……. I never ever CAN work out why some people like certain photos or posts. It’s a mystery.

    ‘Likes’ occur more often if you put lots of ‘tags’. This brings in the customers. You get more followers if you ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on other people’s blogs too.

    Seems to also depend on the day of the week (that you post). I might suggest that some followers might be like me, in that I have to delete new posts unread when I get busy in my life outside blogging as I found it too tiring to try & catch up with the backlog.

    I’ve found it helpful to vary the subject matter (photo and/or writing). I mix up long posts (with a little story) and then a few photo-only posts to add variety.

    I prefer non-fiction to fiction (and sometimes can’t tell which is which on your blog) – LOL


    • Excellent comments, and advice……. I drifted off towards the middle bit……… just kidding.
      I do like the idea of mixing a text post then a photo post and I have tried to do that but stuff comes in waves and demands to be posted!!
      Thanks again, and be well.


  2. This is great, Terry! There’s quite a few posts I haven’t yet read so I’ll just bookmark this one and come back later ;). I did read the one on Chester and the trilogy and really enjoyed those.


  3. I love that you keep trying different things and let your mind wander where it will. I read everything, because there’s always something in there that surprises me, even if I’m not the intended audience for any particular piece. Keep it up!


    • Thank you for noticing. When I stop surprising you, let me know.
      To be honest, I’m not sure who my intended audience is at any given time……. maybe it’s you?
      As you do, i write stuff that appeals to me and then I hope it will strike a chord in those who read it.
      thanks for taking the time to comment.


    • Thanks Sally, I think.
      I didn’t realise this post would end up as long as it did. It seemed like a good idea when I started it then it took on a life of it’s own.
      At some level it was an exercise for me to see if my taste was lining up with my readers, and mostly it does, which surprised me.
      On another level I hoped that new readers might use it as a quick reference for posts that people liked and stuff that I like. I’m a bit lazy so I thought that this is the kind of thing I would get something out of.
      I often follow links to old posts on sites of people I enjoy [even if I should be doing something else!]


  4. Clever post.

    Of course I`m a complete shag pile fan. That`s my top post on your blog because it`s so clever, witty and well-written. I also loved the Grandad piece because it was honest, touching and heart felt.

    As to what people like. Well, LOL, to that! Certainly the pic helps enormously. Especially if it`s a cute animal shot or a kid. (Though I suspect the animal would win over the kid.)

    I think the best posts are the ones we feel must be written. They come from the heart and almost write themselves, though we`re extra careful to draft and redraft those precious pieces.

    Some likes and comments are more heartfelt and better intentioned than others, so the amount of them doesn`t necessarily reflect the best posts. I don`t think its in a blogs best interest to write according to what appears popular. They will always write better if it comes from their hearts.


    • As always [well mostly always] I agree with your comments, and thank you for taking the time to write them.
      This post took a VERY long time to put together and I almost put it aside but in the end I learned a lot from the exercise. I’m glad you like the ‘shagpile’ story, I was on a bit of a high that day and I can remember smiling as i wrote it, which is always a good sign.
      Some stories demand to be written and the ‘granddad’ story was one of those.
      Hopefully this post will be a shortcut for new readers who are interested in reading a cross section of my stuff without having to wade through all my posts [the total number is getting up there].
      Be well, keep running, and don’t forget to be awesome.


      • Yes, I can see all that research took a great deal of time-well done on that too.
        Do you have a Top Posts widget on your sidebar? I`m not on your blog right now, so I can`t see. If you do, it`s a good way to help folk peek in through your blog at, what WP readers deem to be your best posts.
        But of course, it`s an even better idea to also highlight the ones you believe are even better. They deserve further airing.
        Thank you for not always agreeing with my comments! Debate is always more fruitful than blind agreement.

        Oh and do write some more opinion pieces again. There`s nothing I love better than a very well written clever article from an opinionated git! 😉


  5. Always write , what you enjoy , as a piece you like and would share it too, just like a chocolate bar, if you like nuts we get nutty bits, if you like coconut grated we get juicy milk, if you like dark chocolate, we get healthy bite and so on and so forth, but each time it is a chocolate. It means, to me an instant delight, the wrapper makes me smile, Wp sometimes doesn’t get opened, so I can not read your article that time I click like.hoping to return for a through read. Just like today, its a day for me to read 🙂


  6. When I started blogging myself I went out and scoured what felt like the whole internet for like minded folks. Didn’t find any – which my parole officer* would say is a good thing – but yours is one of a tiny handful I come back to time and time again. Some of your writing is touching, some insightful, some downright chuckalable, some plain bizarre. But it’s always, always entertaining.

    Plus you you were the first ever commentator on my blog and you thanked me for spelling ‘arse’ right. You instantly became one of my favourite people.

    Stats are fun, but stats are just data. Data lies. Data confuses. Data leads you down the garden path in just your socks. You need more than just socks. You need something to put in them. You put stuff in socks.

    * to be clear, I don’t have one, that was for entertainment purposes. Unless you count my Mum. Yeah, let’s count my Mum.


    • I wish you could see how wide my smile is right now.
      This has to rate as one of my top comments of all time!
      Say hello to your parole officer or your mum for me….. which ever you run into first.
      You are right about the stats, and the socks, and the garden path, and stuff you put in socks….. I think I should leave it there, I’m getting confused.
      I had a shit of a day yesterday but you have ‘healed my hurt’ as the song goes.
      Thank you……. and I really mean that unlike all the other times I say it.


  7. I think it is always worth to write what you enjoy the most yourself. Cause when it comes with your own enthusiasm then it is the most enjoyable for readers as well. Yes, people have different taste and it won’t be the thing for everyone. But the ones who will enjoy it, get the extraordinarily good result that comes from the heart and with passion. And, I think you do that Terry! Also, surprising us is your thing definitely… you have an exceptional way of thinking and wondering about things, and the talent to put it down in words. Cool you pointed out the successful posts, some of them are new to me.


    • You can add your comments anywhere you like! I love ’em.
      I love that shot as well [the eagle]. It’s not my shot but I get credit for finding it.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment………. keep them coming.


    • Thank you also, and I know what you mean by ‘so many to keep up with’. What an amazing place this is. So many talented people; I feel guilty if I don’t have time to check them all out. Mind you, people understand. Many’s the time that someone who is following my stuff will turn up and work their way through a whole bunch of posts in one go. I do the same sort of thing………… so much cool stuff.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s always appreciated.


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