BYO Coatrack?

During the Film Festival in Melbourne it was my choice to park my car around the Treasury Gardens. This meant that there was about a fifteen minute walk to get to the cinemas. Most days it is an excellent walk through the park and past the Victorian era buildings. I saw this bloke heading home after working on one of the many building sites in the city. I assumed that he was carrying some sort of tool but as I got closer I could see that it was a coat rack! This shot is one of the reasons I love having a camera in my phone.
I listened to their conversation while we waited for the lights to change and the coat rack didn’t get a mention!
Gotta love blokes….. everything’s cool, even a coat rack in the middle of the city.
I love this city!
Shot taken at the top of Collins Street.

20 thoughts on “BYO Coatrack?

  1. Sounds like London lol Once saw a guy squeezing an antique Penny Farthing (the original one huge wheel for those not famiar), through the mechanised ticket barrier. Middle of rush hour and commuters couldn’t have cared less. I have the camera phone photo somewhere – a man dressed in turn of the last century dress and an enormous antique seem to be usual on the London Underground 🙂 Other sightings included Judge Freed in full battledress, a man with a lion cub on his shoulder, a man dressed in very little but a huge feathered native American (think.Indian Chief Sitting Bull), headdress and more shoeless, shiftless and variously dressed/undressed people to mention. And rarely did people seem bothered. Those were pre-camera phone sadly. No wonder we write huh?


  2. Young guy with a back pack and a dangerous lump of metal in his hands? He`d be regarded with great suspicion in many other cities. Of course he`s a highly civilized sort-he must has his entire gaff beautifully furnished if he`s thought about picking up the right coat rack. Love how you Australians encourage upcycling.


  3. I really enjoyed Melbourne too. It makes Brisbane feel like a country town. Once my reasons for being in Brisbane become irrelevant, I may just move down south. Good capture by the way.


    • Thank you for your kind comments. Melbourne is an amazing city, but I would say that, wouldn’t I. I have many happy memories and I have generally enjoyed the way it has changed, which is unusual for me as i don’t generally like change.
      A lot of the time I’m off in dreamland and I miss opportunities like this so I’m glad I was awake enough to get it. It was late in the afternoon, and that helped…. mornings confuse me!


    • Yes it is and it reminds me that I should be out and about with my ancient old camera a bit more often. Maybe when the weather picks up a bit. Trouble is, I do enjoy being here!
      Thanks for the comment.


    • A lot of Melbourne still looks like this. There was a lot of money around during the gold rush and a lot of it went it buildings like these ones. This shot is taken at what is know as ‘The Paris End Of Collins Street’. It has always been the expensive part of town and it has all the top stores with all the posh brands. I love walking in this area. Our favourite old hotel is just around the corner and the best chocolate shop in town is just to the left (that was where I was headed when I got this shot). The trees in the street are beautiful also.
      Fortunately one of our major unions [no longer in existence] was responsible for stopping the developers from knocking down these amazing old buildings in the 1960s and 1970s. These days developers have to keep the old building and build their monstrous towers behind them.
      Thanks for the comment.


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