Lost Afternoon


5 Photos to tell the story.


These photos were ‘lost’ for a while, but now they are found.

We spent a bit of time at this beach. It’s in an upmarket suburb and it takes more than an hour for us to get to it.

This particular day was magical (as you can see) we arrived in time to catch the sunset, but it is the way the sky and the sea are the same colour that makes these shots interesting. The shots are not particularly high res as I had not worked out the camera at this stage and I was used to film cameras.



The bridge in the background is the famous West Gate Bridge (I think that they could have named it after someone).

It famously fell during the construction phase and many of the workers lost their lives. A few years later I was a newly minted primary school teacher in the northern suburb of St Albans and I remember that there were a couple of kids at that school who had lost their dads on that bridge.


It has been some time since we visited this spot and it might have something to do with our last visit.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we had been sitting in the car watching the view. We could hear this absolutely beautiful music coming from a car in the carpark, which added greatly to our experience.

As we were leaving, we drew up alongside the car which had it’s windows rolled down on this balmy afternoon.

We wanted to know what the music was.

We asked the driver but I cannot tell you what the music was, the name went right out of my head. The young driver said that it was his cousin’s favourite CD and that he had just come from his funeral.

His twenty-one-year-old cousin had taken his life.

There were tears rolling down this young man’s face and this amazing music continued to play.

I admit that I was stunned.

I’ve been touched by sudden death before and so has my wife but this rocked both of us.

I mumbled something about how sorry we both were and we slowly moved away.

I was in no condition to drive so I parked and we held each other for a long time.

These photos were not taken on that day but they were taken at that place and looking at them reminds me of that day and that terrible sadness.

14 thoughts on “Lost Afternoon

  1. Stunning sound,visual and feeling combine here to create an unforgettable moment in time.
    There is an editting process in paint (I think)which will correct the alignment of the horizon.Love those blue sails.


    • Thank you for those wonderful words. This has been sitting in my drafts folder for more than a week. I knew what I wanted to write but my mood was such that I did not want to go there.
      If I had not taken it I would have said that the shot with the three sails was a set up!
      There are yacht clubs all along the shore line of Port Phillip Bay so I guess there was a bit of practice going on or maybe a club event.
      I don’t mind the fact that these are less than perfect shots. Even without the back story they are atmospheric enough to be enjoyed.
      Thanks again for the comment. Glad you enjoyed them.


  2. Beautiful photos and a very touching story. Suicide, particularly at such a young age, leaves so many unanswered questions for the people left behind, even those apparently unconnected to the person. I hope you can find a way to return to this spot and make some new happy memories there. : )))


    • Thank you for those lovely words.
      It was Mother’s day here this past weekend and some good young friends of ours (both on wordpress) posted photos of their mum who was also our friend. She took her life a year or two back as things got too much for her. She had tried a few times in the past but this time she left nothing to chance. We miss her a lot and I know it is not very scientific but it has me wondering (and being annoyed by) why the ones that lose hope are often talented, funny, soft and of real value to this world, and the a-holes live a long and annoying life.
      Is it simply that this is the life they chose before they came?
      Is this the major experience of their life and they came here to go through it?
      We have lost a few friends along the way, some were young and some were not. I miss them all, the young ones especially. A big part of my life has been given over to helping young ones develop that potential that everyone talks about so I guess I winch when it is wasted or cut short.
      Thank you for your comment and I hope that those around you never lose hope.


    • Thanks for your comments Lori.
      As I said in another reply, I sat on this as a draft for more than a week. I like the photos just as they are and I had to decide whether to just post them or to include the rest of my thoughts.
      When I started writing I just let it flow to see where it would go (sounds very high falootin’ doesn’t it?). The words kept coming so I kept writing.
      I understand when you say ‘so unexpected’. The first half is a typical ‘here’s some photos with a bit of background’ and all of a sudden the other stuff lands with a thud.
      The truly sad part is that it is difficult to live a life for any length of time without being touched by this sort of thing.
      Amazingly the subject of people taking their own lives has only just begun to be talked about in my country. Up until a few years ago the prevailing wisdom was that if you mentioned it in the press it would encourage other people to follow. I think that this paternalistic thinking is just another example of leaders not really trusting the people they rule over. I get that there are idiots but that should not stop us from treating our people like responsible adults.
      I’m going to climb down off my soap box now and thank you again for your comments.


      • We came across that song shortly after a younger friend of ours died . . . somehow, it helped. We’ve had a few more occasions to play it for healing, and it still helps.

        On the other hand, this is more what I identify with.


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