23 thoughts on “Gratuitous Cat Photo

  1. About being noticed: Loneliness is not a state in which there are no people around, but a state in which one finds nobody to share what’s of importance with.


    • Wow, that is profound, and extremely true.
      I’ve always been lucky enough to have someone to share stuff with. When I was a kid my mum and I was on the same wavelength. My wife and my sons are the ones that I share with these days, I’m lucky to have them. As you say, it’s nowhere as much fun if there is no one to share it with.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment……. it reminded me to be grateful for those that I share with.


      • You truly are blessed. Try living in a foreign nation, where every second joke or comment you make gets you blank stares ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • Trust me, I get plenty of ‘blank stares’! It’s the price you pay for having a sense of humour.
          Be well and keep looking for the ones that get the joke.


    • Glad that you liked it Nika.
      I drove past the Volkswagon that you can see in the background on a number of occasions. One day I had time to stop so I took a heap of photos and this shot occurred to me as I was heading back to my car. I had not owned my car for very long and I still could not believe that I was driving it! In the same way that a special outfit makes you girls feel good, this car made me feel very special. I only had her for less than a year before she was destroyed in a spectacular accident (we made the news that night).
      The Volkswagon disappeared a few weeks after I took this shot so I was glad I stopped.
      This photo was ‘lost’ for a number of years after my hard drive died and I was unable to find my back up disc. Obviously I found the disc just the other day so now I’m having fun going through the shots that I thought were gone forever. Interestingly not all the memories are happy ones; don’t you find that interesting? Mixed in with the excitement of finding that which was lost are feelings of things best forgotten.
      It’s an interesting life, is it not?
      Thanks again for commenting on the shot.


      • It is an interesting life. My husband and son restore vintage mustangs ( not quite as cool as a jaguar) so I know how have the right car can make a man feel like a new dress and a good hair day does a lady. Sorry you lost this car!


        • She was with me for only a short time, but that is how it goes sometimes, with dogs, people and cars but, we never forget the ones who change us in good ways.
          Thanks for the comment and tell your husband and son that I approve of their activity………. very much.


    • Thank you. It seemed like a fun title at the time.
      A famous movie director once said “Never give the audience what they want”. I’m not sure that I agree but in this case it was fun to surprise with something other than what was expected.
      Thank you for your appreciation.


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